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An open letter to Voters of SC House District 105 #3

Dear fellow Americans,

   Someone I used to work with told me recently, "I would love to put your sign in my yard, but my house isn't good enough." 
   Well, that truly touched my heart.
   I know what it is like to grow up without a lot. I started working as a shortorder cook when I was 14 years old to help support my family. 
   On my days off during the summer, I cropped tobacco, loaded and unloaded the golden leaf, and even picked and toted watermelons. 
   To make a long story short, everyone is "good enough" to have my political sign in their yard.     
   If I am given the chance to be your next Representative in the S.C. House, I can assure you I will serve with passion, vision, and integrity.  
   Rest assured I will be your legislator on the front lines, not a spectator on the sidelines!
   I ask for your vote Tuesday, June 9.

Committee to Elect Steve Robertson SC House 105
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