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I grew up and lived in Conway until the early 90's. I have had the privilege of knowing Steve and Cheryl Robertson both professionally and as great friends to our family for 40 years. For some time, Steve has struggled and prayed about this decision to run for office and I am so excited that He has felt the time is right for him to retire from Waccamaw Publishers, a company he built from scratch through integrity and hard work, and seek the office of SC Representative for District 105. Steve has always sought to be objective and to do the right thing, even if the decision might not be in his best interest but was still the right thing to do. He has a burden and love for the people of SC and especially District 105 and I strongly believe he is the man to lead this area during this time in history. He brings, integrity, professionalism and a wide knowledge of the issues and potential solutions to this seat. My only regret is I no longer live in SC and cannot personally vote for Steve, but I am supporting him from Nashville, TN and urging all my friends and family back home to support and vote for Steve Robertson. — Frankie Allen

Steve Robertson is a wonderful Christian man. He shows professionalism and strong ethics in everything he does. His community and church and family are foundations of his daily life. Steve gave me a chance as a young aspiring journalist while I was a Coastal student. He taught me how to respect privacy of others and to go the extra mile in getting facts and to double and triple check them. Accuracy and high standards of values in my work were stressed by Steve. I have always appreciated what he stands for. District 105 and our state would be well served by Steve Robertson. Praying that people will donate, volunteer and vote for Steve Robertson. He will represent the people with dignity, knowledge and a understanding of the needs of each person. It is my honor and privilege to endorse Steve Robertson for SC district 105. Mary Jean Baxley — Mary Jean Baxley

Steve has always had the best interests of the community and citizens of Horry County. His publishing company provides updated information about our county and government keeping us informed. He has served our citizens and community with a lot of things that they are not aware of and I think he would be a great leader in Columbia for your voice to be heard, and our values and opinions represented. — Jimmy Day

What better person to lead Horry County out of this health/economic crisis than someone who has had their finger on the pulse of local government and business for more than 40 years. Steve is a visionary and strong leader. As a business owner who has been impacted like everyone else, Steve knows the importance of getting us back to where we were. It won't be easy. If it were, we could ANYONE in the seat. We need Steve Robertson to be our voice in Columbia. — Guy Dozier

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To the Editor,

Serving the people of Horry County for 16 years on County Council, I learned much about government - and about those elected to govern. 

I am still passionate about good government, and have little tolerance nor respect for those who hold an elected position without doing the work that the position demands. We cannot afford to put - or keep - someone in office who cannot show evidence of hard work, accomplishments that make a difference, and responsiveness to those served. 

Kevin Hardee and I served together on county council for eight years. I know his work ethic. I know how involved he was in doing his homework before meetings, in offering new ideas or tweaking old ones to make them better. I also know whether or not he served all the people as best he could, or only his buddies and those who would finance his next election. I know, and that’s why I wholeheartedly endorse Steve Robertson for House District 105. 

Steve is a highly-successful, hard-working businessman, and strong communicator. He keeps his finger on the pulse of Horry and will work hard to make a difference that is obvious to those he serves.

In six years, Kevin Hardee has not introduced and passed a single bill in the House to improve his district, his county or his state. He has not even gone to a single Conway City Council meeting. Let’s elect someone who will do better for his constituents -- all of them. 

Liz Gilland


ur endorsement here

— Liz Gilland

I am proud to endorse Steve Robertson for SC House of Representatives District 105. Mr. Robertson is a skilled businessman who understands the meaning of hard work and dedication. Mr. Robertson has earned the respect of our community by demonstrating his strong commitment to community and family values. I fully support Mr. Robertson for SC House of Representatives District 105. — Sandye Hicks

I am blessed and honored to know Steve Robertson.

I have known Steve for 50 years. I feel my life has been made better by knowing him.

Steve is a "common sense" person who seems always to listen before he speaks. Steve listens to those around him and calmly evaluates the situation at hand. He works in a dignified, respectful manner to find solutions.

Steve is strongly committed to community and family values. A family man, Steve has long arms with which to embrace and a big heart with which to love. He is a loving husband, father, and grandfather.

Steve understands the meaning of work --and he has worked hard to become who he is today. He still works hard to achieve the goals for which he is striving. Steve doesn't give up -- he perseveres. His endeavors are worthwhile and purposeful.

Steve will serve well as a member for the South Carolina House of Representatives District 105 if voters make that possible. I feel confident that Steve will be an outstanding voice for the people of District 105 as well as for South Carolina as a whole if elected.

Steve won't let you down; he has a willingness to serve, and you can count on him.

Steve is a point of light, and he will be committed to serving and speaking for the people of District 105 and South Carolina as a whole.

 Robertson is needed for the South Carolina House of Representatives - District 105. He is the one who will make a difference.

Please, as voters of District 105, give him that chance.

— Frances Cooper LeGette

I have known Steve Robertson and his family for many years. Steve is an accomplished business owner & publisher of Waccamaw Publishers. His newspapers reach far and wide in Conway, Loris, Carolina Forest, Myrtle Beach & North Myrtle Beach. You could say all of Horry County. Steve is very knowledgeable in all areas of city, county, & state needs. I know him to be a man of faith, family, ethical, integrity, & honesty. Steve knows the needs of SC District 105, he has stayed abreast of all situations and matters at hand. I believe he will lead our district into the future as our population growth is exploding. I’m voting for strong leadership into a new horizon. Steve Robertson for SC District 105 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Gail M Palmer — Gail M Palmer

Steve Robertson is a compassionate, dynamic leader as well as husband, father, and grandfather. I asked Steve two questions when he shared his desire to run for office. First question was have you prayed about it and received your answer from God? Second question was why do you want to run? His first answer was, "I know it is God's will" and the second answer was "to help my state and God's people." From that moment I knew he was running for the right reasons. After praying, the next day I gave him my whole hearted support. I have been blessed to be married to Steve for 48 years. — Cheryl Robertson

Steve is my brother of 60 years. His perseverance has proven extraordinary through his dedicated work ethnic over the years. He began his family's newspaper publishing company and established multiple newspaper outlets throughout Horry County. This is a testament to his commitment for continued growth and ability to create a vision and plan of action for the business. Steve leads by example with a gentle, yet outstanding leadership approach. He is compassionate and always focuses on the good in others. Even in hard times, Steve is able to see potential opportunities through innovative and creative ideas. He strategically uses outside the box thinking in order to find solutions. This would be extremely beneficial in his role in the S.C. House of Representatives, District 105. Steve loves his family, friends, and community and takes pride in his commitment to serving others. The House of Representatives would be very fortunate to have Steve because he would represent Horry County with adaptability, integrity, and drive. — Chris Robertson

I endorse Steve because we need new blood in the State House!! I have a sign in my yard!! GO STEVE!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™β€οΈ — Lyn Snyder

If you are looking for a candidate that is Informed, motivated, honest and sincere, You have found the right one with Steve Robertson. Steve is a family man, as well as a businessman. He is task oriented, starts a project and finishes it, yet, always has time for his family. Steve will work hard for you and District 105! VOTE FOR STEVE ROBERTSON! He is a “STRONG” candidate for a tough job! — Charlotte Thomas

I worked for Steve Robertson at the Horry Independent and as editor of The Loris Scene in 1999 and 2008. I found Steve to be the most fair publisher I've ever worked for. Many of my co-workers expressed the same appreciation for Steve. As a manager, he was sure to listen to my concerns and ideas. He also provided me with the tools, guidance and structure I needed to do my job. As my employer, Steve was as generous as possible and he was interested my well-being. I now own my own news outlet, and I provide news content for other publications. My current success comes partly from the opportunity to model my business practices on the way Steve was able to succeed with Waccamaw Publishers. I feel he has been a gift to Horry County, and all of the businesses and agencies he and his publications have helped over the years. I have covered many political races and candidates in my career as a journalist. I was happy for Horry County when I saw that Steve Robertson chose to run for House Seat 105. We need strong and competent leadership now more than ever. Based on my experience, there is no better person to represent you than Steve Robertson. — Terry Ward

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